hqdefaultYou Couldn’t Make It Up!

Slim Gaillard, brilliant jazz guitarist, pianist and composer, could not have had a more bizarre and improbable start in life.

Slim’s childhood in Cuba was spent cutting sugar-cane and picking bananas, as well as occasionally going to sea with his father.

Aged 12, he accompanied his father on a world voyage, and was accidentally left behind on the island of Crete. After working on the island for a while, he made his home in Detroit. In America, Gaillard worked in an abattoir, trained as a mortician and also had been employed at Ford’s Motor Works.

Check out his chequered history on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slim_Gaillard

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Rose Tait is a London based Jazz singer and songwriter. Rose has been writing songs with musician Nigel Goulding since 2004. Rose writes both words and music whilst Nigel produces the songs, accompanies on the piano and records in his studio. Rose also regularly performs in North London Jazz venues.

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