About Rose Tait

Rose Tait is a London based Jazz singer and songwriter.

Rose has been writing songs with musician Nigel Goulding since 2004. Rose writes both words and music whilst Nigel produces the songs, accompanies on the piano and records in his studio. Rose also regularly performs in North London Jazz venues.

Anita Wardell – A Profile

Anita Wardell‘s singing is breathtaking. She is noted for her mesmerising vocal improvisations and vocalese lyrics to instrumental solos. Anita is a musician who uses the voice as her instrument, displaying precision and agility, mixed with heartfelt emotion.

Singer Norma Winstone praised her “unexpected vulnerability, which makes her reading of the ballads both beautiful and touching. Her honesty shines in this well-chosen collection of songs.”

Bebop pioneer, Mark Murphy, proclaimed Anita, “a gift from Australia”, adding “What hits me, is how expressive her ballad singing is. Then she has the courage to scat a ballad or two, not unlike a young lady disciple of the Ben Webster school.”

Singer Rose Tait says “Anita’s inspirational teaching absolutely transformed my performance and confidence to a level I never thought possible.  Her enthusiasm is so infectious, I never looked back.”

Bukky Leo – A Profile

Bukky Leo is one of the most versatile and explosive saxophonists in the UK.  As a teenager, Bukky was spotted practising his first saxophone on the beach in Lagos Nigeria by the original Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen.

Bukky Leo ProfileHe was immediately ushered into Tony’s newly formed band, and went on to play with the great Fela Kuti where the seeds of Afrobeat were being sown. Under Tony Allen’s influence, Bukky decided to follow his own journey with his distinct style of Jazz and Afrobeat.

Since his 1982 debut , Bukky Leo has released some great albums including “Rejoice In Righteousness”, “River Nile”, “The Source”, “Afrobeat Visions” and his current 2013 CD “Skeleton” produced by Dennis Bovell.

Bukky Leo’s Jazz Quartet hosts one of London’s best Jazz Jam Sessions every Tuesday night at Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, where the best singers and musicians in London regularly drop by to jam.
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The Power of Facebook and Jazz

Lenny breaks it to Elli that he’s going to sing Autumn leaves!
Lenny breaks it to Elli that he’s going to sing Autumn leaves!

This is how Facebook can work.

I posted this picture of musician Lenny Breslaw at a recent The Jazz N8, Crouch End’s Sunday Jam Session @TheGNRT.

Friends of Lenny posted comments beneath it and mentioned this to Lenny (who doesn’t FB much).

He then looked at the photo, and the rest of my Facebook Friends Page, where he saw this, a picture of my recent session with rock guitarist Luke Rayner :

Luke RaynerI have sung with Lenny Breslaw’s backing on drums many times – we are both regulars at the Crouch End Jam Session – but he hadn’t previously realised I’m a songwriter.

The following week Lenny asked if I would write some lyrics for his melodies, I said yes, and our first collaboration, a song named Easy Come, Easy Go, is already well under way.

Thank you, Facebook!

Some Photos from The Great Northern Railway Tavern

Some great photos from the Jazz N8.