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Bukky Leo – A Profile

Bukky Leo is one of the most versatile and explosive saxophonists in the UK.  As a teenager, Bukky was spotted practising his first saxophone on the beach in Lagos Nigeria by the original Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen.

Bukky Leo ProfileHe was immediately ushered into Tony’s newly formed band, and went on to play with the great Fela Kuti where the seeds of Afrobeat were being sown. Under Tony Allen’s influence, Bukky decided to follow his own journey with his distinct style of Jazz and Afrobeat.

Since his 1982 debut , Bukky Leo has released some great albums including “Rejoice In Righteousness”, “River Nile”, “The Source”, “Afrobeat Visions” and his current 2013 CD “Skeleton” produced by Dennis Bovell.

Bukky Leo’s Jazz Quartet hosts one of London’s best Jazz Jam Sessions every Tuesday night at Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, where the best singers and musicians in London regularly drop by to jam.
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